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Patient Participation Is Key to Improving Organ Donation Rates

Organ donation rates have been stagnant in Canada for over 20 years; too many Canadians are dying needlessly. Our low organ donation rates affect us all, and touch every community in the country.

What is clear is that it will take all of us working together, patients and donors, caregivers and health care providers, advocating for the implementation of proven strategies to bring change.

In an effort to understand what can be done to increase transplant rates, and how Canadians can get involved, this website was developed to provide kidney patients, living donors and other key stakeholders with the most credible, updated information related to organ donation, including research, media and patient/donor experiences — all in one place.

Information is powerful. As we work continuously to understand all the facts, what we know, and what we don’t know, we can better advocate for meaningful and impactful change — and take positive action that will actually improve our rates.

The Alberta Branches of The Kidney Foundation have provided critical support to establish phase one of this site with consultation from key advisors. We welcome you to join us.

Get involved in making positive change happen. Share your opinion, your story and your ideas with others who want to do the same.