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Key Policies for Donation Success in Canada

New policies introduced – and fully implemented – in some Canadian hospitals over the last few years have had a big impact on improving regional transplant rates.

Does your local hospital have these policies in place?

Are these policies actually implemented and monitored or are they on paper only? Call your hospital and find out.

Your life, or the life of someone you love, could depend on it.


International Examples of Transplant Success

Canada is in the lower third of developed countries in terms of donation activity per million. We already have blueprints for increasing our rates from world leaders in organ donation. How have other countries, including the USA, Spain, and Great Britain, seen such significant increases in organ transplantation? Canada can learn from these successful models.


Potential Solutions to Increase Canada’s Organ Donation Rates

There is little argument that Canada’s transplant rates are too low, but experts don’t agree on exactly what we need to do first to begin to see rate increases.

For those Canadians waiting for an organ to survive, time is of the essence to take action to fix this problem. We must understand what action we can take to begin to realize change.

It has been proposed that a national donor registry, or presumed consent legislation could be possible solutions for our organ donation crisis, but international research evidence suggests these potential remedies depend on a national strategy and system-wide changes already being put in place.