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Calgary Man Who Purchased Billboards Across Alberta Has Found a Donor

Transplantation isn’t a cure, but it is the best treatment available for individuals in organ failure. But supply cannot keep up with demand and the longer a person waits for a transplant, the worse health outcomes and quality of life they experience. For example, nearly 50% of Canadians don’t live past four years on dialysis, yet on average, Canadians wait four years or more for a kidney transplant.

In recent years, patients and their families have resorted to public calls to find an organ donor because the current system is failing many patients.

In Calgary, Ryan McLennan was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2003 and with 6 per cent kidney function in 2018, he and his wife Shakina McLennan purchased 27 billboards around Calgary and Edmonton, which led to a match.

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Story Credit: Christa Doa (2018), Global News