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Organ Donation in Manitoba

One organ donor can save up to eight lives and one tissue donor can enhance the lives of 75 people.

Your family makes the final decision on whether to donate your organs and tissues. Discussing your wishes with your family is more important than registering. If your family members are aware of your decision to donate, they are much more likely to know how to respond if faced with this difficult decision.

Talk to your family about your wishes.
Register now to be an organ donor. Heroes aren’t made – they’re registered!

Learn more about organ and tissue donation in Manitoba by visiting Transplant Manitoba:

Register to be an organ & tissue donor in Manitoba by visiting:

Become a Living Donor in Manitoba

Transplant Manitoba – Winnipeg
Phone: 204-787-2400

Paired Donor Exchange (Canada-wide)

If you have questions, want more information about organ donation, or want to get more involved, you can also contact your local Kidney Foundation Branch and ask to speak with someone about organ donation. 

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Manitoba Branch
1-452 Dovercourt Drive
Winnipeg, MB  R3Y 1G4
Winnipeg phone: 204-989-0800
Toll-free: 1-800-729-7176

Armando Versace, Director of Programs, Public Policy & Communications
(T) 1-204-989-0806