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Syed Z.

I was diagnosed with renal kidney failure at the age of 10. For the next two years, I was placed on peritoneal dialysis and later on hemodialysis.

By the end of 2007, I was lucky enough to have a kidney transplant; this changed my life and gave me a second chance.

Flash forward ten years, by the summer of 2016, my transplant kidney deteriorated and eventually failed. As a result, I have been back on dialysis for the past year. This process has had significant impact on my life, not just physically, but in terms of discipline and emotional strength.

I have trained myself to be disciplined in taking care of my wellbeing and my mind, as well as, strengthened myself emotionally by believing that a positive mind results in a positive life. When one door closes, a better door always opens. By having an opportunity to share my story, I believe it can contribute to the awareness needed – not just for kidney patients, but for everyone waiting for a transplant.